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No Red Mask nourishes and moisturizes in depth giving softness and brightness to the hair; it is indicated after the No Red shampoo to keep the reflection cold longer.

After applying the mask, the hair is soft, hydrated and bright, with neutral and cold reflections.

The special formulation is enriched with orchid milk to give shine and softness, while the latest generation antifading technology protects the hair from its natural oxidation. Thanks to the innovative green pigment, No Red is the ideal treatment to help both the hairdresser and the end customer in the correct management of the unwanted red reflection.



  • Indicated on natural and colored hair with dark tones (level 3/4/5)
  • Formulated with green pigment that attenuates unwanted red reflections
  • Leaves hair soft, with a cold and shiny reflection

Fanola No red Mask

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